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The floors manufactured bySyntajhave a wide range of applications. We are present in the food, pharmaceutical, automotive, mechanical and electronic industries.  Our products are found in schools, bakeries, hospitals, warehouses, supermarkets and production halls.


Our floors are dedicated to a variety of applications - from typically industrial to purely decorative. In our offer you will also find systems with an antistatic conductive coating, recommended for use in all places where the accumulation of electrical charges must be avoided, as well as any solutions tailored to the individual needs of our customers.


Our floors are:


Easy to maintain




Seamless and safe


Resistant to high temperatures


Scratch and abrasion resistant


Resistant to high loads


Resistant to chemicals


Durable and flexible


Resistant to UV radiation





Manufactured using the latest technology and raw materials of the highest quality. SGS Quality Certificate.

Quality certificate SGS

ISO 9001:2008