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ISO 9001:2015


Syntaj has implemented, maintained and improved its quality management system in accordance with the latest ISO 9001:2015. This system covers the activities of the entire organization using a process approach in a risk management concept.


We are constantly updating our quality planning solutions and are constantly improving our services to meet our customers' needs.



SYNTAJ Quality Policy serves the company's overarching goal of having and perfecting a customer-oriented organization.

This goal is achieved by providing high quality polyurethane and epoxy flooring systems of own production.

We guarantee to our customers that at every workstation we care about their satisfaction and we want to be not only a supplier, but also a business partner.

We all strive to make the trademark of our Company always associated with the highest quality and innovative technology.


Systematic approach to quality through the implementation, continuous improvement and monitoring of the quality management system together with the analysis of risks and opportunities;


Carrying out orders faster than the competition;


Improvement of the offer and recommendation of optimal solutions to customers, through cooperation with reputable suppliers;


Continuous improvement of professional qualifications and the professionalism of employees by providing appropriate training,


Examining the customers’ needs and expectations and taking action to increase the number of satisfied customers, thus ensuring the sustainable development of the company;


Periodical evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the adopted policy and objectives as well as the overall quality management system.





The Board of SYNTAJ S.A.declares that the Quality Policy is known, understood and implemented by all employees of the Company.

The Management Board ensures that funds for its implementation are guaranteed, as well as periodic assessment of its validity and appropriateness.





Manufactured using the latest technology and raw materials of the highest quality. SGS Quality Certificate.

Quality certificate SGS

ISO 9001:2008