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Area of application


For professional use. Used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, public and healthcare facilities, hospitals, schools, educational institutions, penitentiaries, sports complexes. For indoor use.




SYNTAJ ELASTICO is a colourful polyurethane floor with a smooth matt surface.


Resistance to slipping


SYNTAJ ELASTICO has a smooth surface. The choice of flooring must be based on user safety, hygiene and safety requirements.


Certificates / approvals


The Elastico system has been tested in accordance with the European Standard EN 13813 both for mechanical properties and for reaction to fire. The product has been approved by PZH.



Colour and design


SYNTAJ ELASTICO is available in a wide range of RAL and NCS colours.




The seamless floor has no pores. Regular maintenance and cleaning improves the appearance and durability of the floor.To keep the floor clean we recommend professional Syntaj cleaning agents.




  •  Easy to clean
  •  Seamless
  •  Matt
  •  Seamless
  •  Comfortable
  •  Non-absorbable
  •  Ecological

Technical features

Abrasion resistance AR 1.0
Impact resistance IR 2.3
Chemical resistance high

Reaction to fire

Cfl-s1 (EN 13501-1)

Vapour permeability


Hygienic tests

PZH approval


Cure time

Foot traffic at 20 degrees C 24 hours
Light traffic 2 days
Fully cured 5 days

Spilling with water and chemicals should not occur before the floor is fully cured.







SYNTAJ makes every effort to ensure that the information and advice contained in the Product Safety Data Sheets and the System Safety Data Sheets is accurate and correct. This information is provided in accordance with our current state of knowledge and in the best faith to characterize the use of the product and to advise the customer, but does not represent a guarantee of product performance and does not constitute a contract. Syntajhas no control over the selection of its products for particular applications under particular circumstances. It is important for the customer/user to make sure that the product is suitable for a specific use in specific conditions in accordance with applicable regulations. Particular attention must be paid to the nature, composition and temperature of the sub-base as well as the surroundings, both during application/curing and during use. The Company shall not be liable for improper product selection by third parties for a particular use, under specified conditions. All customers and users must read the latest product documentation.







Manufactured using the latest technology and raw materials of the highest quality. SGS Quality Certificate.

Quality certificate SGS

ISO 9001:2008